New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Guidance a Positive Step Toward Meeting Climate Goals and Lowering Emissions in Historically-Disadvantaged Communities

“The clean energy transition is here, and we must ensure it is grounded in justice and equity.”


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Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new guidance for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GHGRF), a $27 billion fund created by the Inflation Reduction Act to lower emissions and invest in clean energy projects that will reduce pollution and improve public health. Over half of the GHGRF funding must be dedicated to projects in or benefiting low-income and disadvantaged communities.

The fund includes the Zero-Emissions Technology Program, a $7 billion fund that will grant awards to states, municipalities, Tribal governments and other eligible recipients to enable low-income and disadvantaged communities to deploy or benefit from zero-emission technologies. It additionally includes the General Assistance and Low-income and Disadvantaged Communities Program, a $20 billion fund to award competitive grants to eligible recipients to provide financial and technical assistance to projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution.

After the announcement, Earthjustice Vice President of Policy and Legislation Marty Hayden issued the following statement:

“The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund created by the Inflation Reduction Act will give state, Tribal, local governments, and eligible recipients the tools and resources to invest in clean energy technologies to lower dangerous pollution and emissions in their communities. With this new guidance, the EPA is ensuring that the program is true to the law’s intent and will have the transformative impact of emissions and pollution reductions — especially in communities of color, Indigenous communities, and those of low income.

“We are particularly thrilled with the direction the EPA is setting for the Zero-Emissions Technology Program. The prioritization of rooftop and community solar projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities will help ensure that those who have suffered decades of disproportionate impacts from pollution realize the benefits of a transition to zero-emission electricity. We look forward to working with EPA to ensure proper outreach and support to the most impacted communities so that they can benefit from the promises made in the Inflation Reduction Act. The clean energy transition is here, and we must ensure it is grounded in justice and equity.”

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