New Jersey Lawmakers Propose to Cut Air Pollution from Warehouses and Ports

Bill would help clean New Jersey’s air at a time of exploding warehouse and port pollution


Alejandro Dávila Fragoso,

This week, State Senator John McKeon (D-27) and Assemblymember Andrea Katz (D-8) introduced a bill to tackle pollution from warehouses, ports, and high-traffic facilities in New Jersey. The Warehouse and Port Pollution Reduction Act mandates that these facilities decrease harmful air emissions and shift to zero-emissions solutions

The bill comes as warehouses, ports, and other commerce facilities grow in size, use, and abundance, pumping increasing air pollution to New Jersey communities. Nearly one-third of New Jersey residents live near massive warehouses, according to a recent report by the Environmental Defense Fund. That is 2.7 million people so far, and if the warehouse industry is left unregulated, that number is bound to increase exponentially. In addition to the increased truck traffic and noise these warehouses generate, the diesel trucks serving these facilities emit pollutants that cause asthma, cardiovascular issues, and premature deaths, among many other issues. This bill will mitigate the damage to communities, ensuring that this “warehouse boom” is not at the expense of the health and well-being of New Jersey’s citizens.

The following is a statement from Casandia Bellevue, Earthjustice associate attorney:

“The Warehouse and Port Pollution Reduction bill expands on efforts across the country to ensure that any economic benefits warehouses might bring to a state or region are not acquired at the expense of the communities that unwillingly host these warehouses. New Jerseyans should not have to endure polluted air because of traffic from warehouses and ports. This bill ensures cleaner air for our communities, while balancing the needs of commerce and facility operators. We applaud the leadership of Senator McKeon and Assemblymember Katz in fighting for clean air. New Jersey must continue to adhere to its promise to prioritize environmental justice communities by adopting the Warehouse and Port Pollution Reduction bill.”

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