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The Latest On: Food

August 3, 2021 | Report

Poisoned Foods, Poisoned Brains: Mapping dangerous pesticides in the foods we eat

Earthjustice released a new report focusing on the wide-spread use of chlorpyrifos in the United States and how the country is exposed to this pesticide through drinking water, food, and air. This report documents the location and amount of chlorpyrifos usage in the United States, as well as the dangerous health effects associated with exposure.

June 21, 2021 | Legal Document

USDA: Comments on Supply Chains for the Production of Agricultural Commodities and Food Products

We urge USDA to prioritize projects that leverage private, federal, and local funding, produce the greatest public benefit, or create the greatest prioritization for supply chain projects that offer multiple health, economic, social, and environmental benefits. Additionally, we urge USDA to dedicate significant resources to ensuring that grants are accessible, flexible, and minimize barriers to participation.