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The Latest On: Air

August 10, 2013 | Video

This Is How Asthma Feels

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma. However, most people don't know how brutal it is to live with the disease. Breathing is a fundamental right, yet every day air pollution affects our right to breathe clean air.

February 2, 2020 | In the News: Digital Trends

Would you give up Amazon Prime shipping to save the planet?

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, California Regional Office, Earthjustice: “These airplanes and the equipment that it takes to run an airport have immense localized impacts in the communities next to those airports and along the shipping corridors. Their use of shipping is deeply concerning.”

December 23, 2019 | Legal Document

Letter to St. James Parish Council: Formosa Land Use Decision

RISE St. James and Louisiana Bucket Brigade ask that the St. James Parish Council seek a reopening of its decision (Resolution 19-07, Jan. 24, 2019) and rescind its approval of the construction of the chemical complex proposed by FG LA LLC.

December 23, 2019 | Letter

Letter to St. James Parish Council: Burial Sites

Re: Request to Rescind Decision Set out in Resolution 19-07 Granting Formosa’s Land Use Application in Light of Previously Undisclosed Information Revealing the Existence of Burial Sites of Enslaved People on Property Proposed for a Formosa Plastics Plant