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September 8, 2022 | Legal Document

NYC Last-Mile Warehouse Special Permit Requirements: Description of Proposal

The operations and impacts of last-mile warehouses — which receive a high volume of goods and sort them for direct delivery to consumers — are fundamentally different in scale from traditional warehouse uses due to the high volume of product loading and unloading and product flow velocity, involving a massive increase in truck trips to and from the facility compared to traditional warehouses. However, the Zoning Resolution does not distinguish between last-mile and traditional warehouses. Amending the text of the Zoning Resolution to require special permits for last-mile warehouses would provide opportunities for the City to plan for the
expansion of this new industry, prevent clustering of facilities and undue road congestion, and mitigate the negative impacts of last-mile warehouses.

September 8, 2022 | Legal Document

NYC Last-Mile Warehouse Text Amendment: Special Permit Requirements

The Last-Mile Coalition, a city-wide coalition of environmental justice and public health advocates, called on the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) to adopt a proposed Zoning Resolution Text Amendment to mitigate the explosive growth, disproportionately concentrated in already overburdened low-income communities of color, of last-mile trucking facilities — warehouses where packages are sorted and sent out for distribution — and the resulting air pollution, traffic congestion and unsafe streets.