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Public Lands

The Latest On: Public Lands

July 29, 2015 | Feature

Saving the Forest for the Trees

Alaska's Tongass National Forest is home to centuries-old trees and rivers flowing among thousands of islands. It is also the last forest where the fight continues to keep timber sales out of roadless areas.

December 4, 2018 | Letter

Letter to National Elk Refuge Manager Brian Glaspell

A letter sent by Earthjustice, on behalf of Defenders of Wildlife, the National Wildlife Refuge Association, and the Sierra Club, urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to promptly issue a feeding phase-out plan that was promised by the agency in 2008, but has been held up for more than 10 years due to wrangling between federal and Wyoming officials.

November 29, 2018 | Video

Earthjustice: 25 Years in the Northern Rockies

In the fall of 2018, Earthjustice's Northern Rockies office in Bozeman, Montana, celebrated — alongside our clients and partners — 25 years of fighting for and defending the nation's remaining great wild places.