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The Latest On: Refineries

February 2, 2022 | Legal Document

RMP Chemical Disaster Rule Comments (Summer 2021)

The tragic cycle of chemical fires, explosions, and hazardous chemical releases at U.S. industrial facilities must finally end. No massive chemical catastrophe should ever occur. This is what EPA should ensure by issuing a strong new chemical disaster prevention rule. Fenceline communities, environmental and environmental justice groups, and scientists submit these comments to call for EPA to follow the science and new information and apply lessons learned in recent years on how to prevent chemical disasters and save lives.

January 26, 2022 | In the News: The Hill

EPA moves to reject industry request to change assessment of risks posed by carcinogen

Emma Cheuse, Attorney, Washington, D.C., Office, Earthjustice: "Whether EPA will follow today’s action reaffirming the best available science by requiring fenceline air monitoring at these chemical facilities, petrochemical complexes and other facilities like sterilizers is still an open question, and whether it does this will be part of the ultimate test of the agency’s commitment to fenceline communities’ health and well-being."

November 10, 2021 | In the News: Grist

After years of delays, Southern California’s new smog regulation promises to save lives

Byron Chan, Attorney, Community Partnerships Program, Earthjustice: “They’ve barely done anything for the past 30 years. It’s like if you never went to the dentist, and the first time you went to the dentist you were 55 and racked up a super expensive charge — but if you had been going to the dentist every six months for your entire life, you wouldn’t have had to be put in this situation in the first place.”