Lynn Ringenberg

I see half-a-dozen kids a day with asthma or some allergy or environmental related lung problem.

Clean Air Ambassador:

Lynn Ringenberg, MD

Tampa Bay, Florida

When I started my private practice of pediatrics in Florida in 1980, I would see several children a week with wheezing or asthma. Now, I see half-a-dozen kids a day with asthma or some allergy or environmental related lung problem.

In Tampa Bay—where I live—coal-fired power plants are a major concern, because of the damage they're doing to the rivers, estuaries and the quality of our air. Last year, a 62-year-old woman emailed me complaining that she had just moved from the Midwest to Apollo Beach, Florida—where one of Florida's largest coal-fired power plants sits, right on the bay—and now she had developed "asthma." She was totally healthy prior to moving to Florida. She told me she would often see "black particles on her car and yard furniture."

President Obama, members of Congress and officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency need to understand that coal is not clean! I've heard our president say "clean coal" many times, but he's been brainwashed. We need to ensure that we start now with alternative energy, especially solar. We in Florida live in the "Sunshine State." This place should be blanketed with solar energy systems!

All Messages: Supporting Our Clean Air Ambassadors.

I live on Tampa Bay & I can tell you how much cleaner the air is since they have converted the power plant at Gandy. There is no such thing as clean coal.
Keep up the good work & know we are behind you !!


Keep up the fight. We all give you our support. I'm down here in Naples, FL and I think the air is pretty good here. The Sun produces enough rays each day to supply the entire world ten times over with power if we would just utilize more solar. But then the big oil, gas and coal companies would be out of business so that will never happen. Corporate greed will be the end of civilization.
Let's all fight the good fight, while we still can.

Thank you for working for us. I am a native of Florida and we have always had very clean air. I was surprised to read about how many children you treat with asthma. I have been noticing that more and more people are being diagnosed with it. We definitely need clean air alternatives to coal.

Thank you Lynn for your hard work!

Thank you for working for the people to be able to breathe clean air and end the use of all fossil fuels for our energy needs.
Wind, solar, hydrogen, and beyond....

I'm from Tampa Bay too and I'm very concerned about the proximity of the coal burning plants. I hope we'll wise up and begin to implement solar energy instead of coal. Our future depends upon it!

Thank you for your continuing work on behalf of the residents of Florida. It is
criminal for Congress to ignore the health of the citizens of America and favor huge profits for corporations at their expense
I support my Clean Air Ambassador on this
vital health issue

Thank you very very much for representing me and my family as a Clean Air Ambassador. We are most grateful.


Clean Renewable Energy Now & Forever !

As someone who has had a problem with my lungs most of my life, due to smoke, chemicals, mold etc... I support my Clean Air Embassabor!

Thank you for everything you do, Lynn. I cannot believe the falsehoods spread about clean energy and NIMBY is ridiculous. Solar power makes sense for Florida as does wind for other areas. We have telephone poles anyway so whats the big deal?

People in Washington make me ill that they just don't get it look at how the Chinese have to walk around with masks on them because of their dirty air just imagine that happening here and it will so all of us hve to fight to make sure that Washington understands this.

Thank heavens we have people like you that are trying to help us to preserve the very air we breathe everyday.

I figure it this way people in Washington must not breathe.

It is so important to have a voice of knowledge inform the public and our government about the "collateral damage" that will ensue if nothing is done about our energy policy. It is far more expensive to repair than protect.

We all need to stand up for clean energy alternatives. Before it is to late! This is our world. God made it perfect. We need to stop destroying his perfection. Apathy is lethal ..

Thanks for all you do, Lynn. It is not going unnoticed. I'm learning more and more about how enlightened individuals can do so much when they become united in thought and action. As a member of the Baha'i Faith I pray for our country and I pray for the world.

Lynn, thank you for getting the word out there and taking on this fight on our behalf and our children's. Clean coal is an oxymoron and anyone who believes otherwise is just a moron. I agree, solar makes all the sense in the world, especially in the Sunshine State.

It bothers me also when I hear the president say "clean coal" and "safe nuclear". Thanks for caring about our environment and our health.

Go renewable energy and go vegan!

Lynn, thank you for all you do for our world

My 14 year old son has developed asthma. It is so hard for him to breathe that everytime the flu goes through public school he catches it and can not shake it. As a result he has missed a lot of school. Bless his heart, he cant lie down to sleep at night because his lungs fill up and he cant stay in class because he cant fight off virus because his lungs are so comprimised by asthma. We all need an Ambassador. Thank you for standing up Lynn. You have my full support.

If one realize how precious and fragile our earth, then one will do anything to preserve it for future generation.

Thank you Lynn!!!

It seems that human life is expendable. What kind of country are we that we don't give a damn about our children or people's lives.
Shame! We can do better as a country.

I grew up in Tampa and have lots of relatives there. Most of us suffer from asthma. When we vacation away from coal run plants our asthma gets better and we can breathe! What do you think? I think solar is much better than coal.

Hi Lynn, Thank you for taking on this cause. We appreciate your time and expertise! Dirty industry must be held accountable!
Debbie Amis

I totally agree with you. The sham of clean coal, and the fact that a supposed environmental progressive like Obama buys into it (at least publicly) appalls me. Let's take the $4 billion we give to the oil companies each year and return it to taxpayers to subsidize solar and wind at the house level. Too much emphasis is on centralized production and distribution of energy - lets distribute it into every house and neighborhood. Let's hold power plants responsible for the pollution they spew, both toxic chemicals like mercury and more subtle problems like CO2. Put a strong carbon tax in place and level the playing field

I have enough problems with allergies and they don't need any help from man-made sources.

Thank you, Lynn!

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