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Upstate New York, near the Town of Dryden. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Protecting the public and environmental health of the Northeast region is one of our top priorities.

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The Northeast is one of the most populated areas of the country, and protecting the region's public health is one of our top priorities.

Located in New York, NY with an additional office in Philadelphia, PA, the Northeast regional office halts the discharge of toxic chemicals into drinking water, cleans up abandoned waste sites, and works to fix our nation's broken toxics regulatory system and to lift the secrecy around chemical safety. In addition, our focus on curbing the use of fossil fuels aims to move the Northeast towards a more sustainable energy future.

Recent News from the Northeast Office:

Map of Earthjustice offices.

Contact Northeast Office

48 Wall Street, 19th Fl.
New York, NY  10005
(212) 845-7376

1617 JFK Blvd., Ste. 1675
Philadelphia, PA  19103
(215) 717-4520


Abigail Dillen VP of Litigation: Climate & Energy

Deborah Goldberg Managing Attorney, Northeast

Marianne Engelman Lado Managing Attorney, Northeast

Shannon Fisk Managing Attorney, Coal Program

Christopher Amato Staff Attorney

Eric Bebernitz Sr. Development Officer, Major Gifts

Gregory Carr Pro Bono Attorney

Flora Champenois Litigation Assistant

Hannah Chang Staff Attorney

Thomas Cmar Staff Attorney

Ben Cole Pro Bono Fellow

Jocelyn D'Ambrosio Sr. Associate Attorney

Alok Disa Litigation Assistant

Lisa Evans Sr. Administrative Counsel

Eve Gartner Staff Attorney

Kathleen Kline Fellow

Charles McPhedran Staff Attorney

Moneen Nasmith Sr. Associate Attorney

Lisa Perfetto Associate Attorney

Jonathan Smith Associate Attorney

Anne-Marie Stehn Office Manager

Kathleen Sutcliffe Campaign Manager

Katharine Thompson Litigation Assistant

Claire Vallin Pro Bono Attorney

Kimberly White Office Assistant

Mary Whittle Staff Attorney

Sam Wright Pro Bono Attorney

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Regional Office: Spotlight Features

Dryden: The Town That Changed The Fracking Game

When the oil and gas industry came to the small town of Dryden, NY, with plans to start fracking, things didn’t turn out quite how they expected. Find out how a group of neighbors turned the tables on a powerful industry—and changed the fracking game forever. View the photo essay.

Lifting the Secrecy Around Chemical Safety

Managing Attorney Marianne Engelman Lado discusses Earthjustice's work to fix our nation's broken toxics regulatory system and to lift the secrecy around chemical safety.

On the Fracking Frontlines

Managing Attorney Deborah Goldberg of the Northeast regional office discusses Earthjustice's work to protect communities and special places from fracking.

Fracking Runs Afoul of Hometown U.S.A.

It's easy to understand why leaders and citizens in Cooperstown, NY, rose up to protect their town against fracking—and towns across America are following suit.

Ending Coal

VP of Climate & Energy Abigail Dillen discusses Earthjustice's strategy for ending the nation's dependency on coal. Through litigation and administrative advocacy, Earthjustice fights to hold the coal industry accountable for the damage it does to the environment and human health.

Volatility in Seneca

Citizens vote by boat against gas storage in Seneca Lake, NY. Controversial gas storage projects in the area have been the subject of local concern and nationwide attention.