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Northern Rockies Office

Glacier National Park. (Photo courtesy of Brian Gruber)
The Northern Rockies region offers a last glimpse of wild lands and wildlife that have been eliminated from most of the world. The Northern Rockies office protects the region's natural resources by safeguarding wildlife species and their habitats and challenging harmful coal and natural gas developments.

Signature Work

The Northern Rockies region boasts some of our nation’s last great wild places, vibrant proof that healthy, intact ecosystems remain part of our natural heritage.

The region’s iconic lands include the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem, and the central Idaho wilderness complex. Grizzly bears and gray wolves roam the spectacular wilderness of Yellowstone and Glacier national parks, while the majestic Teton Range towers above herds of wild elk and bison. Passing these spectacular lands on intact—and, if possible, even more wild and free—is the work of Earthjustice.

In the two decades since it was established, the Northern Rockies regional office has made great strides in protecting the region’s magnificent natural resources. But new challenges loom: Rapid global climate change is altering ecosystems faster than species can adapt.

Earthjustice is responding by taking on public lands and wildlife cases that focus on safeguarding large, intact ecosystems, building resilience against climate change impacts, and reducing pressures caused by oil and gas development, logging, road building, and off-road vehicle traffic.

Recent News from the Northern Rockies Office:

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Kristin Carden Associate Attorney

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Jenny Harbine Staff Attorney

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Cindy Hsin-Pei Napoli Litigation Assistant / Office Manager

Katherine O'Brien Associate Attorney

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Regional Office: Spotlight Features

Crown of the Continent: Taming the Wild West

The "Crown of the Continent" ecosystem is one of the largest undeveloped landscapes remaining in the country, containing some of the most spectacular scenery and intact wildlife populations in the United States. But climate change is now dramatically altering this region, one of America's last wild places.

Court Gives Grizzlies Something To Sleep On

In an ecosystem where all life is interrelated and connected, the decline of one life form can precipitate the decline of another. In other words, as the whitebark pine seeds go, so go the Yellowstone grizzlies. In November 2011, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone’s iconic grizzly bear population.

Re-Born to be Re-Wild

More than 100 years ago, bison were slaughtered by the millions. In the spring of 2012, the great herds were being re-born on the Great Plains—one baby at a time.

Protecting Wildlife Of The Crown

Attorney Tim Preso discusses his decade-long work to protect endangered species that reside in the Crown of the Continent ecosystem. This relatively untouched wilderness is home to some of America's last iconic creatures, such as wolves, grizzly bears and wolverines.

Winning One for the Wolverine

Managing Attorney Tim Preso isn’t likely to square off against a grizzly bear—as wolverines do—but he’s figured out how to use the persistence and determination of a wolverine to keep it from going extinct in the continental United States.

Timeline: Wolves in Danger

Explore the history of the northern Rocky gray wolves, beginning in the 1930s when their numbers were decimated after years of persecution, through their successful reintroduction in the 1990s, to current day's first legal wolf hunts in the northern Rockies in nearly a century.