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Rocky Mountain

About Our Work

More national parks and monuments are concentrated in the Rocky Mountains and the Desert Southwest than in any other part of the United States, offering views of sweeping canyons, arches, and other wondrous geological features. Our Rocky Mountain office challenges oil and gas development and off-road vehicle use in the region's most prized public lands, and we are protecting the region's precious water resources from being overdrawn.


Quick Facts

Year opened: 1972
Appeals court: Ninth and Tenth Circuits


Office Information

1400 Glenarm Place, #300
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 623-9466


Office Spotlight

More than 4 million visitors each year seek out the sunset-colored vistas of the Grand Canyon National Park. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar protected one million acres of land around the Grand Canyon by putting a halt to uranium mining. Earthjustice is defending the decision in court.  Read more.

The Latest

Groups applaud tough, groundbreaking rules, but caution that more work remains
Focus on healthy alternatives, no new diversions from Colorado's rivers & river restoration
River draining continues despite court order nearly three years ago
Rulemaking commission should strengthen, not weaken, proposed oil & gas regulations
Sec. Jewell: The river is more than a natural plumbing project for water supply
Rulemaking commission asked to adopt oil & gas regulations that address Colorado’s smog problem
Rulemaking process must result in strong protections for public health and Colorado communities
BLM plan designated thousands of miles of ORV routes, placing iconic western landscapes at risk