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Alexander Rony

Title: eCRM Administrator

Alexander Rony serves as Earthjustice’s eCRM Administrator, a job title that he believes was invented solely to make his work sound more impressive than it is. In reality, he educates supporters about timely issues through email alerts.

A Bay Area native, Alexander moved to Washington, D.C. to study either politics or economics. He ended up doing both in a flowery public policy degree called C.L.E.G. (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government). After graduating, Alexander temped at Earthjustice’s D.C. office for one day, an experience he only recalled after being hired full-time in 2011. In between, he worked for Alaska Wilderness League, a client and partner of Earthjustice on Arctic drilling. He is passionate about day hikes, untamed wilderness, raw politics, well-structured movies, unstructured chilling, and animals of every variety.