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Kari Birdseye

Advocacy Communications Manager

Kari Birdseye is an Emmy award-winning television and documentary producer with more than 20 years of editorial and production experience.

Committed to telling compelling, informative stories, Birdseye continues to use her expertise as a writer and producer for a public television series, developing original news and feature pieces on a range of subjects. She is also a successful communications adviser regarding environmental and sustainability issues and public policy.

At CNN in Atlanta for more than a decade, Birdseye was the Executive Producer managing and supervising staff and editorial content for the highly-rated CNN Saturday/Sunday Morning program, a live, two-hour magazine show, and she was on the Emmy-winning team that covered the Olympic Park Bombing in 1996.

Birdseye has a Master’s of Science in Environmental Management (MSEM) from the University of San Francisco and a BA degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University.

At Earthjustice, she strategically plans advocacy campaign work to protect our health and the environment from the impacts of pesticides. Learn more about Birdseye's work at

Personal Story

I first knew I wanted to be an environmental communicator when I was a journalist working with scientists and realized the need for clear, non-technical communications to reach out to and educate broader audiences.

Wildlife species I have worked to protect include marine mammals and birds, especially those living in or migrating to the Arctic Ocean. I divide my time between all of the animals our attorneys work to protect from habitat loss, climate change and attacks on the Endangered Species Act.

Working with the media to create awareness of ESA issues and attacks on the Endangered Species Act is rewarding, especially when the governing agencies take notice and do the right thing. Industry has so much money to spread misinformation for their gain that when we can reach millions of people through earned media, it seems to even things out.