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Ray Wan

Creative Director

Ray Wan is the Creative Director at Earthjustice. Leading a dynamic team of writers, designers, producers, and social media whizzes, Ray helps bring storytelling and content production to the forefront of Earthjustice’s communications work.

His Creative Team is responsible for producing some of the organization’s most visible collateral, including Earthjustice Quarterly Magazine, the eBrief Newsletter, and the UnEarthed Blog. Ray’s team is also the creative force behind all of Earthjustice’s social media channels and its award-winning multimedia program. With a background in graphic design and communications, Ray is a firm believer that dynamic visuals, honest writing, and smart design are key to igniting social change.

Ray joined Earthjustice in 2001 after receiving a joint B.A./B.S. from UC Berkeley, and a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale University.