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Suzanne Halekas

Officer, Foundations

Suzanne Halekas earned a bachelor’s degree in art from Williams College in 2000. She immediately went to work for Earthjustice as a litigation assistant and has since worked in office management, communications and development. She may very well hold the record for the most job positions held within Earthjustice.

Since 2004, she has worked as a development officer in foundation relations, where she pursues and manages grants for Earthjustice’s global warming, southeast and mid-Atlantic initiatives.

She lives in Oakland with her husband and two big, mutt rescue dogs.

Personal Story

Growing up “in the sticks” in rural Virginia, I never thought about visiting or protecting the environment—it was where I lived and played. I spent summers getting lost in the woods with my brothers, cousin, and dogs. We hopped barbed-wire fences, built tree forts, picked blackberries and waged battles against imaginary enemies with sticks for swords. It was a great way to grow up.

Today, not much has changed. Now I get my kicks hiking and ultrarunning on the trails of the Bay Area. I am so fortunate to have access to such a robust system of public parks and reserves, as well as hundreds of miles of connected trails across the region. I’m reminded every day of the value of public land and of the work Earthjustice does across the country to defend our special places from logging, from mining, and now also from global warming. I’m honored to do my part supporting Earthjustice’s mission and to work with such top-notch people and advocates.