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EPA Cracks Down On Oil And Gas Greenhouse Emissions

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18 November 2010, 10:32 AM
Final rules target discharges from thousands of facilities

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced final rules for the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas industry, one of the largest sources of methane, a potent global warming pollutant.

According to the EPA, the rule will cover 85 percent of the greenhouse gas discharges from the oil and gas sector and will require reporting by about 2,800 facilities.

The EPA’s action requires these sectors to annually report methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions from flaring, equipment leaks, offshore petroleum and natural gas production, onshore production facilities, liquefied natural gas imports and exports, and onshore transmission and distribution. The EPA also finalized rules requiring inventory and disclosure for large sources of fluorinated gases.

Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas with a warming potential 21 times that of carbon dioxide. The oil and gas industry is the second largest contributor to U.S. methane emissions, accounting for 23 percent of methane emissions in the United States in 2007.

According to the EPA, actual disclosure won't begin until 2012.

When will someone deal with all the pollution from private jets, flying into thousands of airports subsidized by our government. Until 2006, I occasionally saw a prop plane or the distant lights of commercial jets leaving PIT, which is over an hour away. Now, I see neither but I can't walk out the door without seeing and hearing private jets spewing out contrails of muck. My blue skies become blanketed with a veil of expanding and overlapping contrails. Whole different animal than the jumbos plus so many more. They land in so many numerous places and are under the cloud line. My ecosystem has changed: insects, vegetation, weather with torrential rains and erratic, high winds. Clearing of young trees in my woods, fungus growing on the trees, invasives, mold spores off the charts even during droughts. Lived in this house for over 22 yrs., lived in same county for all my 53 yrs., I have never seen this pollution and I came from the Mon-steel valley. Still visit where EPA seems to only look at pollution from Clairton Mill after driving an hour under jet fuel pollution that nobody addresses. Next community over is the County airport with hundreds of jets flying in and out. I've passed that airport where that was the only location getting rain. I think this blanket of muck of CO2, toxins etc. keep in the heat and pollution from the ground. It smells different and irratates my throat where the nasal meets the throat(unusual area). Asthma and severity increased in the children. After 911, why would the government spend billions to make all these airports for private jets. Didn't expect the Bush group to care about the environment or our health but they were always pushing security. Unless things have changed recently, these jets can fly over the border without going through customs and they get to deduct 50% of the jet cost. I could go on but please address this issue honestly! No one in the government has!

Its great that the EPA is targeting power plants for pollution. However controlling CO2 emissions is downright stupid. First of all if the sky is a greenhouse where is the glass? Have you ever bothered to ask yourself that question? We can read and write Aristotle's works for a thousand years but that does not make it right. Science is about Common Sense and skepticism. All the talk about GHgases has bogged down the Environmental community in a swamp where the Industrials have us on target. Its like Agincourt with the Enfglish longbows ready to sweep the field. Soot and aerosols are the culprits in global warming not CO2. Clouds are the main reason our planet warms up. CO2 is too rare a gas to have any real effect. Even if it did, I hear no funding for Reforestation. There is no money in it. Just like herbs, you cant patent them so why bother promoting herbal medicine. So the EPa will now mandate underground sequestration of CO2. That will be very expensive. Better to just plant Trees. But the government is motivated by money interests and stupid Sci Fi ideas.

Its only fair..for polluting the environment and all living things. Permits should be a lot tougher to keep. Constant checks on polluters should be fined. Either you fix it or close them down.

URGENT! Make these rules permanent and enforce them rigorously, for the sake of all living things on the only planet known to support life.

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