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Dealing With Consequences of Gulf Oil Spill A Year Later

Earthjustice continues to be engaged with the consequences of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a year after it occurred:

  • On Tuesday (April 26), our attorneys will be in oral arguments in the 5th District Federal Court, New Orleans, in our legal challenges to five new deepwater exploration permits, and one shallow water permit.
  • An ongoing oil spill response plan case challenges the BP response plan, which claimed it could recover almost 500,000 barrels a day (it actually took three months to stop the spill of over 200 million gallons).
  • We are intervenors in a deepwater drilling moratorium case.
  • We are preparing to litigate with Shell over its permit application for a deepwater drilling rig in the Gulf. It proposes to drill in a high-pressure oil formation similar to what BP drilled in.
  • We are seeking disclosure of ingredients in oil dispersants, such as were used in the Gulf oil spill a year ago. Our goal is to determine how toxic these dispersants are.
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