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Good News: YOUR Voice Is Being Heard

If—as an Earthjustice supporter and activist—you ever wondered whether your letters and emails to government officials had an impact, we've got news that should give you heart.

Reporters are writing about the 22,093 messages sent by supporters like you, demanding a thorough environmental review of a proposed 39-mile natural gas pipeline that threatens prime forest lands and streams in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. And, politicians are standing with you.

Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency are pressing pipeline regulators to conduct a thorough environmental review of the project—and citing the number of messages you sent as the reason.

And the pipeline company is definitely paying attention. The company combed through the messages trying to find flaws, belittling your efforts in a nasty note to pipeline regulators. We take it as a clear sign that they’re very scared of you.

So, congratulations. It’s not every day that the powers-that-be recognize the power of the people.

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