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In The Spotlight: The Town That Beat Fracking

The town of Dryden, NY has earned a spot in the national conversation about fracking.

The town’s story of fighting back against the fracking industry—and winning—was spotlighted on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Show this weekend.

With her friends and neighbors at home cheering her on, Dryden resident Deborah Cipolla-Dennis made the trek from her quiet rural home to Rockefeller Center in mid-town Manhattan to share the town’s story.

It was Deborah’s first time on television. But you wouldn’t know from her calm, cool and collected demeanor. Take a look at how she talks about her town taking on the powerful oil and gas industry:

The team here at Earthjustice is proud to have worked alongside the leaders in Dryden, NY, to uphold the town’s fracking ban in court. And we’re glad that Dryden’s story is being heard far and wide.

There are a lot of horror stories associated with this industry: the poisoned air, polluted water, sickened children, dying animals. But in the midst of these stories, you’ll find brave people in towns like Dryden coming together to find a better way.

Dryden is not alone. As of today 173 towns in New York have passed a ban or moratorium on fracking. Nationwide, some 364 communities have taken action.

Is your community on this map? If not, take the time to learn the story of Dryden, talk to your neighbors and friends about what you can do to fight fracking or stand in solidarity with those who are.

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