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Emergency Measure to Stop Wolf Killing in Idaho

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23 January 2014, 3:32 PM
Nine wolves already dead as Earthjustice goes to appeals court
Members of the Golden pack in the Frank Church Wilderness Area. (Photo courtesy of Hobbit Hill Films LLC)

Earthjustice took its ongoing fight to stop the killing of two wolf packs in central Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today. Earthjustice filed an emergency motion asking the Ninth Circuit to preserve the wolves and their vital contribution to the wilderness character of the largest forested wilderness in the lower-48 states.

A federal district court judge in Idaho rejected our request for an injunction to stop the program last Friday and we immediately initiated an appeal to the Ninth Circuit. The most recent available information indicates that a hunter-trapper hired by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has already killed nine wolves from the Golden Creek and Monumental Creek packs. Earthjustice is asking for a court injunction to stop the program before the remaining wolves in these two packs are killed.

Members of the Monumental pack. (Hobbit Hill Films LLC)Members of the Monumental pack. The hunter-trapper hired by IDFG has already killed nine wolves.
(Photo courtesy of Hobbit Hill Films LLC)

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game claims that the program is needed to inflate elk populations for the benefit of commercial outfitters and recreational hunters. But federal law requires a wilderness area to be managed as a place where wild processes, including predator-prey interactions, occur without man’s interference.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Forest Service, which manages the Frank Church Wilderness on behalf of the American people, has not lived up to its responsibility to enforce this legal mandate for wilderness protection in this case. Fortunately, the citizens of this country have a right to ask the federal courts to hold government officers accountable for complying with the law. That is what Earthjustice is doing right now before the Ninth Circuit.

Earthjustice is representing long-time Idaho conservation advocate Ralph Maughan in the case, along with Defenders of Wildlife, Western Watersheds Project, Wilderness Watch, and the Center for Biological Diversity.

Member of the Golden pack. (Hobbit Hill Films LLC)

Member of the Golden pack. Federal law requires a wilderness area to be managed as a place where wild processes, including predator-prey interactions, occur without man’s interference. (Hobbit Hill Films LLC)

While recognising that Idaho DFG withdrew for financial reasons (something like 47% of their funding comes from hunters, of which an extremely vocal part wants that agency to FARM elk for them), I do appreciate in the extreme Earthjustice and the staff whose representation has prevented this tragedy of killing.

I happen to have been chosen by a captive wolf to bond, and having given him what freedom I could, managed to learn what he had to teach.
Individuals and obligate social creatures as much or more than we, the wolf has a keen evaluative capacity, strong purpose in pursuing life *indeed, a strong clear purpose in every social or other action), and intentional communication understood by those willing to sharpen their own capacities enough to learn.

What I am trying to communicate here is that a wolf, for all their short lives, is a strongly conscious, clear-thinking animal - often more so than our own species members.
Their life and world is both more gentle and more ferociously exciting than is common to humans, perhaps especially in our present culture.

Speaking with Native Americans and others who have the capacity to understand, I have pointed out that a wolf's life is significant - they each change all those other animals, including us, who encounter them. We humans rarely do this in our huge anonymous society looking only for social advancement. Hidden in experience are bookfuls of observations, surprising experiences, and insights not usually found in lives centered on human values alone.

This comment is meant to support your intuitions that the wolf, each wolf, has an unending, unique value, ecologically, socially, personally, just as humans mistakenly arrogate to their kind alone.

Neither my own, nor the experiences of wolves mean anything in courts of human law, but for those of you who pursue real justice in those venues: you do a greater value for life in general and for each life you preserve and allow to exist to its own fulfillment.

I thank you, and feel enriched by making what small donation I can,


I was so happy when your press release came out today saying you won the appeal to stop the slaughter in the Frank Church area of Idaho. An hour later news broke that stopped that. The Wolf Control Board. in this article it states "Gibbs said it would follow the state’s wolf management plan, calling for a minimum wolf population of about 150. Rubel said that would require removing about 500 wolves, and at $2 million, would cost $4,000 a wolf."
We can't let them slaughter 500 more wolves! When is enough enough with these Idaho people.

Candy Copeland, Wolfwatcher

Why do humans insist on destroying God's beautiful creations? It breaks my heart to see animals and their habitats destroyed by humans. Do hunters feel like men when they murder a defenseless animal? There is nothing manly about murdering animals and I wish this evil would stop. I am looking forward to the day when Jesus returns because there will be no more animals suffering ever again.

No more petitions, no more rallies. It's time for direct action. You know what to do.

STOP THE KILLING!!! Protect Wolves!

 I live in Britain where we have a wonderful variety of wildlife, but we can only envy you your wide open spaces and your amazing animals which we watch via the media.

I was planning to do some wolf and bear watching if we visited the US later this year. Frankly though, I am finding the eagerness to kill as many wolves as possible, as demonstrated by a number of your countrymen, abhorent. Especially pictures of men in grotesque poses with their bloody victims. Reluctantly, I have made the decision not to risk the loss of both time and money trying to watch wolves, only to fail due to declining numbers, or if successful to then be left worried that any animals spotted will probably end up dead, like several members of the Lamar Pack which became famous on British TV screens.

You really won't know how lucky you are till they're gone!

Wolves got more heart then these humans..Animals would never kill us off like we are doing to them..No heart and no soul are in these men

I love wolves, they have right and feeling , end all inhumane killing or trapping or hunting for all wolves. their population is endangered list , protect and save their ecosystem and habitat is necessary and important in the country . Please respect and responsible animals alive, please give love and free wolves , Thank you

Please help.


Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow-creatures is amusing in itself. ~James Anthony Froude, Oceana, 1886

If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth - beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals - would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals? ~Attributed to George Bernard Shaw


May I suggest the big bad hunters kill each other instead?..I mean what kind of sport is it to kill an unarmed if you go for the wolf with out a gun/snare, etc..THAT I would pay to see..YOU POS are COWARDS..and I hope when you hunt the elk they shove their horns up your asses in anger..then hope the wolves have you for breakfast..JUSTICE AT LAST

Intervening in the natural flow of predator and prey connections, especially for the sake of money, is totally misguided. Are ranchers, indeed "inundated" with elk? Maybe that is a good thing, as it might motivate the ranchers to put a stop to this.
In Yellowstone, when the wolves were re-introduced, the elk population was controlled, and young trees were no longer browsed to death by the over sized elk population.

Remove that person/those who cannot do right by the wolf. The wold teaches man so much in loyalty, teamwork, family etc so why do we kill/murder? Why are these cattlemen able to be in charge of the wolf 's future by their money that buys laws? and now they drown the elk! If mankind would leave and help restore the wildlife a balance of nature will come back around Man needs to stay out of the way and this needs to be promoted by the highest level and no money no conditions to sway what the goal shall be preserve wildlife! and it's habitat

Please Help stop the killing of Wolves!!! They are our world heritage!! And are at risk of extinction!!

Commissioner Brad Corkill wants them all dead:

They are killing wolves day by day: wacht this:

and like this page many other from the 48...


I see that now the ranchers are saying they're drowning in elks! What's up with these fools? Core predators keep nature's balance regulated - not ranchers and their bought and paid for asshole judges.


E. BRandt.

Stop the wolf massacre in Idaho!
Stop any animal rvp5hslaughter

It seems to me that since the Forest service won't do anything at a State level perhaps their Chief Tom Tidwell in Washington DC can persuade them that this is a really bad Idea. These wolves have no livestock , no humans ,and pose no threat to anyone or anything. Fact is, they are already screaming there are TOO MANY elk in the southern parts of Idaho, and a few other places there. Why kill something that poses no threat. They are just doing what they were put there to do . Exist and be wolves and manage nature the way they are supposed to. They need no help for that.

I am an Idaho resident, pay lot of taxes and want to help stop this Wolf kill. Please, let me know how I might do so.

Thank you
Jim Ayers

There are many organisations and individuals fighting for Idaho's wolves. See 'Stop Wolf Hunts' + others at

Also Many links at

vote out low lifed scum like Butch Otter, would be a good start.

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