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September 15, 2009 | Blog Post

Renewable Nuclear?

Nuclear boosters disguise their product behind green verbiage

August 28, 2009 | Blog Post

The Nuclear Dilemma

Once reviled and feared, nuke power is now being mulled

June 29, 2009 | Blog Post

A Communist Plot

Remember the John Birch Society? The virulent right-wing McCarthyist outfit born in Indianapolis in 1958? I hadn't heard of it for years, would have guessed it had passed quietly back into the fourteenth century, but low and behold it's still alive, kicking, screaming, and denying the fact of global warming and climate change.

May 20, 2009 | Blog Post

Green Will Suffer From California Tax Rejection

I worked in the polls on Tuesday, during the special election asking California voters to approve an enormously complicated and controversial set of measures aimed at averting fiscal catastrophe. All but one failed, by nearly two-to-one. The one that passed (by three-to-one) limits lawmakers' raises.


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