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More on this Film: Jen Slotterback was hiking in her favorite park when she found signs of surveying for gas drilling, or fracking. She went home and told her husband Jim, and although the two had never been actively involved in the issue of gas drilling, they immediately began a campaign to save the park. The board that controlled the park was set to vote on whether to drill in the park in 11 days. The story of the Slotterbacks' journey of those 11 days is the subject of this film, Finding Their Way.

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Navy sonar harms whales and dolphins. Watch a video shot by the Center for Whale Research in Washington State. Hear what the sonar sounds like and see what it does to these marine mammals.
Coal-fired power plants are the nation's worst toxic air polluters. The pollution from these plants have serious impacts on health—including causing premature death. Hear from attorney Jim Pew, who has worked for more than a decade to clean up coal plants.
An interview with attorney Erika Rosenthal on how Earthjustice is engaging the international community in the process of reducing the causes of climate change, including tackling emissions on the international stage and working to reduce emissions of other global warming pollutants, like black carbon and ozone, which are accelerating warming and melting in the Arctic.
For the past decade, Tom Frantz has been documenting pollution sources in California's Central Valley. His words and pictures have led to improvements in air quality—improvements that the EPA can further increase by strengthening fine particle air pollution standards.
This Thanksgiving, Earthjustice would like to spend a minute to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do on behalf of the environment. We are grateful for your calls, emails and letters to our decision makers. We are grateful for your help in shining a bright light on important issues. And we are grateful for your contributions in support of our mission.
Up to 35,700 premature deaths can be prevented in the United States every year if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strengthens the health standards for fine particulate matter—also known as soot—according to this report, Sick of Soot: How the EPA Can Save Lives by Cleaning Up Fine Particle Pollution, prepared by the American Lung Association, Clean Air Task Force and Earthjustice.
Earthjustice Managing Attorney David Guest takes on the swamp creatures—alligators, politicans, slime, and polluters. They're all in a life's work for this legendary Earthjustice attorney. Learn about the work of Earthjustice's Florida regional office.
In a video interview, Earthjustice Managing Attorney David Guest talks about the threat to the health and wealth of Florida's citizens posed by toxic algae outbreaks. The outbreaks are caused by pollutants from sewage, fertilizer and manure that big business pumps into Florida's waterways.
The Moapa River Indian Reservation, tribal home of a band of Paiute Indians, sits about 30 miles north of Las Vegas—and about 300 yards from the coal ash landfills of the Reid Gardner Power Station. If the conditions are just wrong, coal ash picks up from Reid Gardner and moves across the desert like a sandstorm. Watch this video documentary.