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More on this Film: Jen Slotterback was hiking in her favorite park when she found signs of surveying for gas drilling, or fracking. She went home and told her husband Jim, and although the two had never been actively involved in the issue of gas drilling, they immediately began a campaign to save the park. The board that controlled the park was set to vote on whether to drill in the park in 11 days. The story of the Slotterbacks' journey of those 11 days is the subject of this film, Finding Their Way.

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The Moapa River Indian Reservation sits about 30 miles north of Las Vegas and about 300 yards from the coal ash ponds and landfills of the Reid Gardner Power Station. If the conditions are just wrong, coal ash picks up from Reid Gardner and moves across the desert like a toxic sandstorm.
Every time you blow out a candle. Every time you blow a bubble. You declare the right to breathe. Air pollution threatens that right. The Clean Air Act defends it. Everyone has the right to breathe.
Millions of Americans suffer from asthma; however, most people don't know how brutal it is to live with the disease. Breathing is a fundamental right, yet everyday air pollution is affecting millions of Americans' Right to Breathe.
Things always find a way to happen … A pen leaking. Your shoelace coming untied. Toxic chemicals in your drinking water. What?! Watch this video to find out—and learn how the more oil and gas companies frack, the more trouble is finding ways to happen.
Jim and Jen Slotterback had only 11 days to save their favorite park from gas drilling—and they succeeded. Watch "Finding Their Way," a six-minute film about the Slotterbacks' journey, and find out how you can also protect the areas you love from fracking.
More than 10,000 farmers in Colombia have reported having food crops destroyed by anti-drug fumigation programs, and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Health reports that there is "credible and trustworthy evidence" that fumigations are harmful to human health.
The false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) of Hawaiʻi are in trouble. And sadly, humans are to blame.
Finalizes FOIA lawsuit settlement after government stalls
Finalizes FOIA lawsuit settlement after months of government stalling
Watch a video to learn more about Mountaintop Removal Mining.
Genoveva Galvez knows there are pesticides in her 14-year old body. What she really wants to know is this: how does she get rid of them? See and hear her story, and others, in this video.
Of all the places Earthjustice works to protect, few are as iconic and misunderstood as the Arctic. Watch a video showcasing the beauty of the Arctic and the threats the region faces from industrialization and climate change. Narrated and recorded by Florian Schulz and Emil Herrera.
Sammy the Sponge, Tommi the Toilet Brush, and Gina the Glove give a fun, light-hearted introduction into the issue of household cleaning product ingredient disclosure.
In dramatic victories for conservation, the governments of British Columbia and Montana have signed an agreement to ban all mining and energy development on public lands in the transboundary North Fork of the Flathead River valley.