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More on this Film: Jen Slotterback was hiking in her favorite park when she found signs of surveying for gas drilling, or fracking. She went home and told her husband Jim, and although the two had never been actively involved in the issue of gas drilling, they immediately began a campaign to save the park. The board that controlled the park was set to vote on whether to drill in the park in 11 days. The story of the Slotterbacks' journey of those 11 days is the subject of this film, Finding Their Way.

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In dramatic victories for conservation, the governments of British Columbia and Montana have signed an agreement to ban all mining and energy development on public lands in the transboundary North Fork of the Flathead River valley.

Two videos depicting the effects of cement kilns on their surrounding areas: one features two Seattle cement kilns, located just outside of downtown Seattle, and the other features the Cupertino cement kiln, located just outside San Francisco.

To glimpse a herring school darting through the ocean's waters, moving like a single, iridescent organism is a spectacle indeed. But these silvery synchronized swimmers are more than just a pretty sight. The small schooling fish form the cornerstone of New England's marine ecosystem with whales, seabirds, striped bass and tuna depending on herring for survival.

Bush's Navy sonar waiver in California raises concerns