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Director of Media Relations
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Managing Editor
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Kari Birdseye
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Maggie Caldwell
Press Secretary
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January 30, 2014
Led efforts to pass climate legislation, resolute in fighting for environmental protections
January 30, 2014
Environmental litigation prevails, local coal ash communities to gain some protection
January 29, 2014
Líderes instan a la EPA a fortalecer protecciones para los trabajadores expuestos a los pesticidas
January 29, 2014
Leaders call for strong standards to protect vulnerable workers from toxic exposure
January 27, 2014
Faced with looming court challenge, Idaho halts unprecedented program
January 23, 2014
Judge rules that passage of California’s Senate Bill 4 stops environmental review case
January 22, 2014
Lease Sale 193 in the Chukchi Sea remanded by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
January 22, 2014
Additional statutes, forest management plans, and regulations bar contemplated mining operations
January 22, 2014
Request would require polluters to use known controls
January 18, 2014
Appeal filed after Idaho judge rejects request to stop program
January 15, 2014
Large-scale study describes harmful impacts of proposed Pebble Mine project
January 15, 2014
Conservation groups’ amended complaint sues U.S. Navy, expands claims
January 15, 2014
Virginia congressman announces retirement