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Earthjustice focuses on three main priorities: preserving our amazing wildlife and special places; protecting the health of our communities by ensuring a toxic-free environment; and promoting clean energy over fossil fuels to combat global warming. Whether it's in the courtrooms or in the halls of Congress, our attorneys and policy experts are working for you by making sure the laws that protect our health and our environment remain strong and effective. Learn more about our work below, and explore the 2014 Legal Docket, which outlines several of the most important legal battles in our fight to secure lasting protections that help restore the earth to ecological balance and ensure a healthy environment for all people.

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Global warming presents enormous challenges to our way of life, along with unprecedented opportunities to transform our energy use. Earthjustice has mounted an aggressive plan to promote smart energy policies that combat climate change. Read more.


The roar of untamed rivers. Ancient towering trees in our national parks and forests. The gray wolf. The grizzly bear. These are the special places and living things Earthjustice works to protect—potent symbols of America's great wilderness. Read more.


For more than three decades, Earthjustice has been at the forefront of safeguarding the fundamentals of human health—the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Read more.


From nine offices across the country Earthjustice attorneys take on powerful special interests and win. Learn more about the local and regional work we are doing.