Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining

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Learn about this destructive process and how it affects communities throughout Coal Country, and see what Earthjustice and its allies are doing to stop mountaintop removal mining and protect the countryside and its waters.
The United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights visited Appalachia to investigate mountaintop removal mining abuses. Mountaintop removal mining devastates the landscape, turning areas that should be lush with forests and wildlife into barren moonscapes.
Earthjustice and voices for social justice from across the country delivered the Mountain Heroes photo petition to the Obama administration on behalf of more than 13,500 people who are calling for an end to mountaintop removal mining. This historic photo petition is the largest ever to be delivered to the president.
A poll conducted in July 2011 found that voters oppose mountaintop removal coal mining by wide margins in all four Appalachian states of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee. This opposition to mountaintop removal—and for politicians who defend it—exists across party lines.
Take Action! We are close to an end to this ruinous mining practice, but we need your help now to push our president to do the right thing. Mountaintop removal mining continues to devastate communities, destroy mountains, and harm public health across the region. Communities and families urgently need real protection.
Take Action! People living near mountaintop removal mining are at increased risk of cancer, major diseases and birth defects. A new bill in Congress aims to protect the people of Appalachia from this ruinous mining practice.
Take Action! For nearly a decade, mining corporations have used a loophole in Clean Water Act regulations to dump mining waste into the waters we all rely on, turning some of our most pristine lakes and streams into industrial waste dumps. To protect our waters—and us—President Obama must make closing this loophole a priority.
Earthjustice Campaign Manager Liz Judge talked about our work on ending mountaintop removal coal mining, and took questions from Earthjustice members in an online chat.
Mountaintop removal coal mining, often described as "strip mining on steroids," is an extremely destructive form of mining that is devastating Appalachia. See the devastation it has created and learn about those who are fighting to end it.