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But threat remains as state pursues thousands of RS2477 claims
U.S. Forest Service and timber industry drop appeals of District Court decision
Permit for dirty coal plant in Washington State denied
Kalama facility would have spewed millions of tons of CO2 yearly

Federal efforts to weaken regulations governing logging on steep, landslide-prone hillsides successfully rebuffed

This after court found Bush administration misrepresented views of key scientists
Clean Water Act preserved as Ninth Circuit protects lake from mine tailings
State fish of Utah imperiled by lack of habitat, non-native trout, climate change

State authorities in Kansas reject a permit for two coal-fired power plants which would have polluted the state while exporting the power

State takes lead in national trend against dirty energy sources
Kane County rebuffed as conservation groups press suit to protect monument
Residents successfully stop plans to bury streams, destroy homes in West Virginia
Another example of Bush administration's use of flawed science
Black-footed albatross threatened by longline fishing
Chides U.S. Forest Service for using misleading information