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Corporations forced to admit power not needed
Cleaner fuel, less air pollution thanks to Earthjustice efforts

Court holds environmental impact statement (EIS) failed to consider a reasonable, obvious, and publicly supported alternative with the fewest environmental impacts.

Seminole Electric moving to renewables, natural gas
Orion North sale no longer economically justifiable, taxpayer boondoggle avoided
Next step must be strong limits on pollution that significantly curb global warming threat
Environmental groups and communities praise effort to limit toxic air pollution.

Court rules Army must inform the community about military impacts on environment

Marine contamination, cultural sites at Makua at stake
Nearly a quarter-million acres of state land remain under public ownership after Alaska's highest court held that transferring them to the University of Alaska would violate the State Constitution.
Court settlement reached, agency to limit emissions of cancer-causing toxins starting in July 2011
Agency announcement comes just weeks after groups petition for protections
Deadline of November 2011 for EPA rules to cut power plant toxic air pollution emissions
Reduction in snowmobile numbers moves park in right direction