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In 2002, a federal court ordered EPA to start the process of ensuring pesticides will not jeopardize the survival of threatened and endangered salmon.

Company covered up dangers, poisoning dozens of workers
Rules they're entitled to protection from neurotoxic pesticides under the law
Negotiations with the oil and gas survey company bear fruit
Fish and Wildlife to study impacts on natural oasis
Environmentalists Say Process Kills Fish Larvae

Kamehameha withdraws permit application and agrees to leave Windward O`ahu water in its streams.

Project was largest in history
In a major victory for the last remnant of America's wild bison herds, a federal judge in Washington, DC, has banned cattle grazing on national forest land next to Yellowstone National Park.
Forest Service revising plans to regulate ORVs in grizzly habitat.
Kamehameha Schools to fully restore flows to three streams that feed the famous falls
Court rules Forest Service cannot continue to approve timber sales in roadless areas while simultaneously considering the very same areas for wilderness protection.
DT-22 canisters determined unsafe for highways
Courts rule in favor of preserving, for now, more than 400,000 acres of San Francisco East Bay grasslands
State ordered to move on ESA listing.