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Last week, EPA proposed multi-option rule; this week, federal court denies industry challenge to scuttle that rulemaking
D.C. Circuit rules against coal industry on Spruce Mine veto
State of Alaska case dismissed by D.C. District Court
California Fish & Game Commission must protect fishers pending final review of listing petition
Ruling upholds Interior Department’s authority to temporarily protect lands from destructive mining
EPA issues new rules more protective of people
Barriers should come down for homeowners, businesses wanting to add rooftop solar
Citizens demand full enforcement of Clean Water Act
Sufficient evidence of pollutant discharge into waterways warrants trial
Rejects unreasonable demand to return to widespread buffalo slaughter
Forest Service must minimize environmental damage done by off-road travel
Flawed environmental impact report had rejected a smaller Homewood development
Requires EPA to implement strong soot controls
Kentucky Power concedes retirement best option for Big Sandy coal plant #2