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DT-22 canisters determined unsafe for highways
Courts rule in favor of preserving, for now, more than 400,000 acres of San Francisco East Bay grasslands
State ordered to move on ESA listing.
Will protect against habitat degradation and excessive interference with other uses of public lands.
San Pedro River granted a chance to recover
Fish & Wildlife Service to provide protection, at last
A Florida developer is stopped attempting to turn a public spring into a private diving club.
Fish and Wildlife Service failed to uphold protections
EPA agrees to end exemption for Big Ag

Starting after World War II, and accelerating rapidly with the administration of Ronald Reagan, the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest were being felled at a rate that would seem to make them disappear altogether within decades. Litigation to save the northern spotted owl from extinction slowed the rate of logging dramatically in the nick of time.

Tentative agreement is reached to clean up polluted air in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Help may be on the way for two Sierra Nevada amphibians.

Federal Judge Faults Navy Bombing of Pacific Island
Threatened with lawsuits from Earthjustice and clean-air advocates, in October 2001, the EPA redesignated the San Joaquin Valley a "severe" ozone region, a change in status from "serious" that reflects the smog problem as well as the lack of progress in solving it.
The national monument established by President Clinton to protect the last pockets of unprotected giant sequoias on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada has withstood a challenge.