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Ruling moves river management towards a better balance for salmon and fishing communities
Ruling blocks thousands of facilities from increasing pollution
Fort Huachuca forced to reevaluate impacts from on and off-post actions
Developer to pay nearly $8 million in fines, environmental projects

Placing energy plants across the border with Mexico, to serve the US electricity grid, does not waive U.S. clean air requirements.

The state of Hawai'i will reconsider the definition of "shoreline" to help prevent beach loss and protect public access to beaches

Global warming radically affects Arctic peoples' lives, cultures

Environmental and disaster review of airport irradiator project necessary, NRC licensing board agrees

Another sneak-attack on the 2006 Budget Reconciliation Bill thwarted; this one to prevent public scrutiny of oil shale development.
Wilderness protected from destructive off-road vehicle use
Earthjustice successfully defends authority of the president to create national monuments in lawsuit brought by anti-environmental groups.
Engineering giant sought $50 million, settles for thirty cents
Multinational company Bechtel settles $50 million legal claim for thirty cents after water privatization debacle
The federal government has withdrawn three oil and gas leases in areas of prime grizzly bear habitat on the Shoshone National Forest in response to a lawsuit filed by conservationists.
Florida's natural treasure to see stronger pollution controls