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EPA agrees to block pesticide application adjacent to salmon streams.

Maui Meadows Homeowners Association wins designation for the`Iao Aquifer, the principal source of drinking water for Central and South Maui and Pa`ia, as state ground water management areas.

Judge Slams FAA for Failure to Conduct Thorough Study; A Second Case Proceeds in State Court
Overfishing in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea must be curtailed
Timber company had tried to intimidate environmental groups
Imperiled species now an important step closer to federal protection
Slow-Speed Zones for Boaters Upheld; Lower Court Ruling Sustained by Appellate Court
Alameda County (California) growth control measure upheld in court--for a second time--against a challenge from developers.
Settles lawsuit with environmental and public health groups. Standards five years overdue.
A dwindling population of the Santa Ana sucker will gain critical habitat

Responding to a December court order, the administration releases some negotiating papers but withholds text of the agreement.

Earthjustice leads the way in supporting the work of NGOs trying to defuse WTO challenges to environmental protection.

Earthjustice succeeds in convincing the Methanex tribunal that it had the authority to allow us to make written submissions in the case, opening the door to public participation.

Court stops project to protect salmon
Rare tie vote sustains fines against California farmer who wrecked vernal pools without a permit