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Tacit admission Earthjustice lawsuit to protect wolves was correct
Conservation groups praise court victory for San Joaquin Air District
Throws out EPA rule that waived pollution monitoring requirements for thousands of factories and power plants
County waited too long to press its claims
Hearings board rejects weaker requirements for municipal stormwater regulation
Fall hunts in three states off
Earthjustice event explores the coming green energy revolution

Natural flow of the Everglades to be restored through the purchase of U.S. Sugar holdings south of Lake Okeechobee; largest step forward in the long history of Everglades restoration

Earthjustice issues statement in response to CDFA announcement to LBAB spraying
Gov. Charlie Crist ends legislation filled with backroom favors to industry and developers
Order protects roadless areas until hearing on June 18
Judge says Kane County violated Constitution by opening roads in national monument
Ruling holds that Forest Service likely violated federal law with 2004 logging plan
Earthjustice fends off challenge from coal plant operator