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Seminole Electric turns to renewables and natural gas

Polluters' arguments rejected in favor of the environment
EPA must conduct additional analysis of health, species, and environmental impacts
Flathead Valley's natural riches will be kept intact
More funding for highway retrofits, closer oversight over new projects

Forest Service must scrap plans that fail to protect wilderness areas in National Forests.

Montana grayling to be reconsidered for Endangered Species Act protection

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is spared from unlawful county land seizures

Rare relative of the mink and otter still waiting for protection

EPA to impose strict limits on toxic air pollution from U.S. power plants by November 2011

Old-growth forest in roadless area of the Tongass National Forest spared from taxpayer-subsidized logging and road building.

Lafarge Cement to cut pollution by 35,000 tons, pay $5 million in fines
Corporations forced to admit power not needed