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Bi-partisan Senate action and environmental concerns defeated 9th Circuit nominee
EPA must reinstate pollution limits on factories, trucks, and cars
Judge denies standing to farm, development interests
Agency proposes tighter pollution permit for region's largest sewage plant

A federal judge has rejected a U.S. Forest Service plan to manage roads in habitat for two critically imperiled grizzly bear populations in northwest Montana, northern Idaho and northeast Washington.

Road concentration harming bears in Montana and Idaho
Decision affects pending EPA rule that proposes allowing "pollution pumping" nationwide
Road building prohibited on 327 oil and gas leases issued by Bush administration in National Forest roadless areas
Conservationists view designation and recovery plans as important steps toward revival of the orca population
Wilderness protected by ruling
Hawai'i base would destroy cultural sites -- less harmful options must be considered

Federal judge rules that habitat plan for vernal pools in the San Diego area doesn't go far enough to protect vernal pools and the habitat they support.

Hawai'i base would destroy cultural sites - Less harmful mainland options must be considered
Shoreline reaffirmed at highest wash of waves; use of induced vegetation rejected
Ninth Circuit tells Fish and Wildlife Service to rethink its decision