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Earthjustice Council

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.”

— Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General

What is the Earthjustice Council?

The Earthjustice Council was created in 2010 to maintain a connection with longtime supporters. The group has since grown into a national network of dedicated volunteers who are equipped to extend the organization’s mission to wider audiences. Within the group, you will find individuals with a range of expertise and an affinity for one or more of our program areas. The council has a focus on building member relationships as a strong sense of community creates the most welcoming environment for those we interact with on behalf of Earthjustice. We also seek to widen the Earthjustice sphere of influence through membership that represents diverse constituencies. There are many people across the country who are passionate about the environment, some as a result of direct impact. The Earthjustice Council is a perfect engagement opportunity to amplify those voices, with the added bonus of understanding just how powerful the courts are in protecting the environment that we all hold dear.

Earthjustice Council Functions

The Earthjustice Council supports our mission to wield the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, preserve magnificent places and wildlife, advance clean energy, and combat climate change. The following functions aid in our advancement efforts, which include philanthropy, government relations, and public relations.

Forge relationships to funders:

Increase awareness about Earthjustice to widen opportunities for financial support

Establish program connections:

Relationship-mapping for stakeholders, enabling Earthjustice to enjoy continued success

Community representatives:

Elevate the voices of our partners and those making significant impact in environmental preservation

Contributions of expertise:

Offer specific experience and skillsets

Convey prestige:

Enhance Earthjustice's reputation and credibility by virtue of association

Personal financial contributions:

Ensure Earthjustice's financial capacity to wage legal battles

What are the Benefits of Earthjustice Council Membership?


  • High-value interaction with Earthjustice leadership
  • Breaking news, victories, and strategic priorities
  • Invitations to board of trustees meetings
  • Dedicated philanthropy partner


  • Earthjustice Council Monthly Electronic Newsletter
  • Earthjustice Council Quarterly Program Series


  • Best-in-class stewardship
  • Events and Earthjustice Explores
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities
  • Lasting relationships with other like-minded volunteers


  • Acknowledgement on our web site
  • Acknowledgment in our annual report

Why Join the Earthjustice Council?

“It is just a bright spot to be associated with Earthjustice, especially in the most difficult of times.”

— Kerry Hoffman, Council member, October 2020

Earthjustice does amazing legal work while making thoughtful and strategic decisions to ensure a legacy that reflects its core values of justice, partnership, inclusion, and excellence. We are resolute in our belief that the Earth needs a good lawyer because we defend it fiercely. Through the council, you’ll find a group that is eager to understand the work and determine ways to help the organization, all while building camaraderie.

Current Members of the Earthjustice Council

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Jim Angell

Matt Aselton

Tom Barron

Ryan Bennett

Scott Borden

Travis Bryan

Chris Bunting

Christopher Chee

Sally DeSipio

David Feldman

Leslie Gimbel

Liberty Godshall

Dave Goetsch

K.D. Hallman

Connie Harvey

Kerry Hoffman

Yuki Ishizuka

Blair Johnson

Marguerite Kondracke

Ann Krumboltz

Sara Lamm (Chair)

Christine Lennon

Frank Lesher

Douglas McKeige

Kimberley Milligan

Anne B. Mize

Heather O'Neill

Brad Parker

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw

Dale “Chip” Rosenbloom

Kathleen Rosenbloom

Dan Sarles

Betty Schafer

Bruce Tall

Michael Traynor

Cynthia Wayburn

Ellen Widess

Joel Wiginton

Stewart Winkler

Fritz Wollett

For inquiries about the Earthjustice Council:

Earthjustice Council Manager Marcelle Austin

Marcelle Austin

Earthjustice Council Manager