Honorary Life Trustees

Honorary Life Trustees are recognized for their distinguished service to Earthjustice and to the environment. Earthjustice expresses its gratitude to the Honorary Life Trustees and recognizes their commitment to the organization’s mission. The position of Honorary Life Trustee seeks to:

  • Provide continuity and help the Board maintain an ongoing connection to a historical perspective;
  • Encourage and support personal relationships created over many years of Board service;
  • Enable the Board to maintain close ties with former Trustees and to benefit from their collective experience and wisdom;
  • Foster the feeling of family that has been a hallmark of Earthjustice; and
  • Encourage and facilitate former Trustees’ positions as ambassadors of Earthjustice.

Our Honorary Life Trustees

Dave Cox

Steve Daetz

Susan Fisher

Carmen Gonzalez

Louise Gund

Barbara Haas

John Hoffman

Victor Hymes

Martha Kongsgaard

Marcia Kunstel

Ed Lewis

George Martin

Edwin Matthews

Dan Olincy

Andrew Reich

Michael Sonnenfeldt

Elizabeth Sutherland

Dianne Stern

Michael Traynor

Michael Wall

Cynthia Wayburn