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Bar Admissions

Yasmine Agelidis Associate Attorney CA
Alexis Andiman Staff Attorney CA, NY
Carrie Apfel Staff Attorney DC, NY
Laura Beatriz Arroyo Staff Attorney PR
Noni Austin Staff Attorney CA
Timothy Ballo Staff Attorney VA, DC
Lakendra Barajas Associate Attorney NY
Natalie Barefoot Staff Attorney FL
Rebecca Barker Associate Attorney CA
David Baron Managing Attorney DC, OH (inactive), AZ (inactive)
Grace Bauer Associate Attorney CA, WA
David Bender Staff Attorney, Clean Energy IA, WI
Ashley Bennett Senior Associate Attorney DC, WA
Laura Berglan Staff Attorney AZ, OR (inactive)
Adrienne Bloch Managing Attorney CA
Courtney Bowie Managing Attorney MS, AL (inactive), MA (inactive)
Kristen Boyles Staff Attorney WA, CA
Janette Brimmer Staff Attorney MN, WA
Michael Brown Staff Attorney LA, NY, TX
Marvin C. Brown IV Associate Attorney OH
Elena Bryant Associate Attorney HI
Dominique Burkhardt Associate Attorney FL
Sarah Burt Deputy Managing Attorney CA, ME (inactive)
Meagan Burton Staff Attorney MA
Drew Caputo Vice President of Litigation for Lands, Wildlife & Oceans CA
Jennifer Cassel Staff Attorney IL
Byron Chan Senior Associate Attorney CA
Emma Cheuse Staff Attorney DC, NY
Debbie Chizewer Managing Attorney IL
Christopher R. Clark Supervising Staff Attorney IL
Mahesh Cleveland Associate Attorney HI
Thomas Cmar Deputy Managing Attorney, Coal IL, MA (inactive), NY
Alisa Coe Staff Attorney FL, LA
Robin Cooley Staff Attorney CO, NM
Paul Cort Director of Right to Zero CA
Kylie Wager Cruz Staff Attorney HI
Marta Darby Staff Attorney CO, CA
Tom Delehanty Associate Attorney CO
Mandy DeRoche Deputy Managing Attorney, Coal MA (inactive), NY
Khushi Desai Staff Attorney DC, MD
Danika Desai Associate Attorney CA
Abigail Dillen President MT, NY, CA
Coby Dolan Legislative Director DC, FL
Ian Dooley Associate Attorney NY
Sameer Doshi Staff Attorney IL
Chris Eaton Staff Attorney WA
Shana E. Emile Associate Attorney CA, WA
Oscar Espino-Padron Staff Attorney CA
Lisa Evans Senior Counsel MA
Danielle Fidler Staff Attorney DC, NY, VA, MD (inactive)
Shannon Fisk Managing Attorney, Coal IL
Elizabeth Forsyth Staff Attorney, Public Lands & Wildlife CA
Howard Fox Counsel DC
Michael Freeman Staff Attorney CO, IL (inactive)
Shaleesa Frierson HR Partner
Erin Gaines Staff Attorney TX
Tania Galloni Managing Attorney FL
Amanda Galvan Senior Associate Attorney MT, AZ (inactive), WA (inactive)
Raul Garcia Legislative Director, Healthy Communities VA
Eve Gartner Managing Attorney, Toxic Exposure & Health Program NY
Fernando Gaytan Staff Attorney CA
Stacey Geis Managing Attorney CA
Sara Gersen Clean Energy Staff Attorney CA, CO
Michelle Ghafar Staff Attorney CA
Stu Gillespie Staff Attorney CO
Olivia Glasscock Associate Attorney AK
Kate Glover Staff Attorney AK
Kara Goad Legal Fellow VA
Patti Goldman Managing Attorney DC, WA
Julian Gonzalez Legislative Counsel NY
Amanda Goodin Staff Attorney WA
Neil Gormley Staff Attorney DC, AK (inactive), CA (inactive)
Erik Grafe Deputy Managing Attorney AK, NY
Brielle Green Legislative Counsel VA
Carter Hall Senior Associate Attorney, Clean Energy DC, HI
Jenny Harbine Staff Attorney MT, CA (inactive)
Brettny Hardy Staff Attorney AK (former), CA, NY
Peter Harrison Staff Attorney NY
Jan Hasselman Staff Attorney WA
Addie Haughey Legislative Director, Lands, Wildlife, and Oceans VA
Jill Witkowski Heaps Staff Attorney NY, CA (inactive), LA (inactive), VT (inactive)
Sean Helle Supervising Staff Attorney DC, MT (inactive)
David Henkin Staff Attorney HI, CA (inactive)
Michael Hiatt Staff Attorney CO
Regina Hsu Associate Attorney CA
Megan Hunter Staff Attorney NY, OH
Sophia Jayanty Associate Attorney NY
Jasmine Jennings Associate Attorney NY
Seth Johnson Staff Attorney DC, NY
Angela Johnson Meszaros Managing Attorney CA
Eric Jorgensen Managing Attorney AK, DC
Jonathan Kalmuss-Katz Supervising Staff Attorney NY
Jacob Kopas Staff Attorney NY, MA (inactive)
Adrienne Lee Associate Attorney NY
Melissa Legge Associate Attorney NY
Peter Lehner Managing Attorney NY
Kelly Lester Legal Fellow NY
Leina‘ala Ley Senior Associate Attorney HI, CA (inactive)
Jeremy Lieb Associate Attorney WA, AK
Greg Loarie Staff Attorney CA
Benjamin Locke Staff Attorney NY
Marie Logan Associate Attorney CA
Gussie Lord Managing Attorney, Tribal Partnerships DC, NM (inactive), NNBA
Jordan Luebkemann Associate Attorney NC, FL
Bonnie Malloy Staff Attorney FL
Mae Manupipatpong Associate Attorney GA
Bradley Marshall Staff Attorney FL
Adrian Martinez Staff Attorney CA
Steve Mashuda Managing Attorney, Oceans WA, MT
Cassandra McCrae Senior Associate Attorney, Coal Program PA, TX
Devin McDougall Staff Attorney NY
Heidi McIntosh Managing Attorney CO, UT, CA (inactive)
Charles McPhedran Staff Attorney NY, PA
Caitlin Miller Associate Attorney CO
Isaac Moriwake Managing Attorney HI
Sharmeen Morrison Associate Attorney NY
Greg Muren Associate Attorney CA
Raghu Murthy Staff Attorney NJ, PA (inactive)
Moneen Nasmith Staff Attorney NY
Suzanne Novak Staff Attorney NY
Shubra Ohri Staff Attorney IL
Omonigho Oiyemhonlan Associate Attorney CA
Marisa Ordonia Staff Attorney WA
Chinyere Osuala Staff Attorney DC, NJ, PA
Mychal Ozaeta Senior Associate Attorney CA
Colin O’Brien Deputy Managing Attorney CA, DC, NY, AK (inactive)
Katherine O’Brien Staff Attorney MT, CA (inactive)
Paulo Palugod Associate Attorney NY, WA
Mekela Panditharatne Associate Attorney NY, DC (pending)
Jaimini Parekh Senior Associate Attorney CA
Ramin Pejan Staff Attorney NY
Lisa Perfetto Staff Attorney NJ, NY
James Pew Staff Attorney DC, PA (inactive)
Lauren Piette Associate Attorney IL
Timothy Preso Managing Attorney DC, MD (inactive), MT
Kartik Raj Legal Fellow CA
Adam Ratchenski Associate Attorney MN
Christina Reichert Associate Attorney FL, TN
Kathleen Riley Associate Attorney DC
Steve Roady Pro Bono Counsel for Oceans FL, DC
Nina Robertson Staff Attorney CA
Mary Rock Associate Attorney IL, WA
Erika Rosenthal Staff Attorney CA
Rumela Roy Associate Attorney CO, CA
Tosh Sagar Staff Attorney CA, DC
Surbhi Sarang Associate Attorney NY
Alexandra Schluntz Associate Attorney MA
Benjamin Scrimshaw Associate Attorney MT, NY (inactive)
Anna Sewell Staff Attorney DC, WA, KY (former)
Patrice Simms Vice President, Healthy Communities DC, MA (inactive)
Jonathan Smith Staff Attorney CA, NY
Michael Soules Staff Attorney DC (active), MI (active), MN (inactive), HI (inactive)
Rachel Spector Staff Attorney NY
Kapua Sproat Counsel HI
Aaron Stemplewicz Staff Attorney PA, NJ
Susan Stevens Miller Staff Attorney DC, MD
Anna Stimmel Staff Attorney CA, NC
Molly Tack-Hooper Staff Attorney PA, WA
Jill Tauber Vice President of Litigation for Climate and Energy DC, NY
Danny Thiemann Senior Associate Attorney OR, CA
Andrea Treece Staff Attorney CA, MA (inactive)
Todd True Senior Staff Attorney WA
Stefanie Tsosie Staff Attorney WA
Deena Tumeh Associate Attorney CA
Corinne Van Dalen Staff Attorney LA, FL (inactive)
Matt Vespa Staff Attorney, Clean Energy CA
Martin Wagner Managing Attorney CA, DC
Tom Waldo Senior Counsel AK
Diane Webb Deputy General Counsel CA
Erin Whalen Staff Attorney AK, IL
James Yskamp Staff Attorney OH, PA

Earthjustice is the premier nonprofit environmental law organization. We wield the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change. We are here because the earth needs a good lawyer.