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Barbara Frank

Sr. Legal Practice Administrator

Barbara Frank is the Sr. Legal Practice Administrator in the Alaska regional office. She joined Earthjustice in February 2007.

Personal Story

I was born in Southeast Alaska and I came to appreciate the magnificence of nature, its fragility, and the ability of humans to be destructive. My first memory of destruction was the battle to build Egan Expressway. The need and location for this road affected us as children, one moment it was going through our front room and the next through the Gastineau Channel in front of our home. As a child, it was hard to envision sacrificing your home, but in retrospect, I would give it up without regret to save the wetlands and Gastineau Channel.

I spent almost 14 years working as an administrator for our state Department of Environmental Conservation. In that role, I advocated before a conservative legislative body for funding for environmental programs. I remember fondly being threatened that one representative would like to "hunt us down with dogs" for granting funds to green organizations for watershed protection. It was a fine moment. Most recently I lived in Portland for two years, a wonderful urban experience, and earned an associate degree as a Cordon Bleu Chef.