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Dawa Sherpa

Executive Assistant

Dawa Yangi Sherpa is a Sherpa-Nepali woman, an organizer, and a graduate of The New School with a MSc in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management (EPSM). Prior to moving to New York City, she graduated from Truman State University with a B.A. in Biology and minor in Environmental Science. Dawa joined Earthjustice’s New York Office in 2016 as a legal practice assistant and transitioned into the role of executive assistant to support the vice president of Litigation for Healthy Communities. She currently provides administrative, financial management, research & writing on food waste issues, and logistical support to the Sustainable Food and Farming Program and Toxic Exposure & Health Program under Healthy Communities. She also supports the New York Office with reporting and filing lobbying activities to the New York State.

Dawa is passionate about addressing water issues through the lens of environmental injustice. During her graduate program, her primary research focused on highlighting the impacts of climate change on the Himalayan mountain communities and deconstructing the myth of hydropower dams in South Asia primarily presented as a form of sustainable energy.

She is also a member of Cooperative Climate Futures (CCF), a collective with a commitment to creating a decolonial, ecocentric, and equitable sustainable future. In her spare time, she volunteers and organizes community events and fundraising.