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Janice Mantell

Development Officer, Foundations

A Foundations Development Officer with Earthjustice, Janice has 30 years’ experience in senior leadership of non-profit organizations that promote human rights. Her work has taken her all over the globe—living and working side-by-side with people in their local communities and working with policy-makers at all levels, to document, expose, educate about and change harmful practices and to promote social justice.

As a Vice President of the Children’s Defense Fund, she led a national “Healthcare for All Children Campaign” and developed an award-winning “Young Adult Leadership Training Program” program. As Director of Action for Corporate Accountability, she was a lead strategist for a successful international campaign to stop the unethical marketing of infant formula and helped to win the national boycott against Nestle. A decade abroad, based in Geneva, gained her experience in international law, which then served her well as Director of the Lawyers for Tibet and the fight for indigenous people’s right to self determination.

Janice's other passion is the arts, reflected in her positions as Development Director for the Monterey Jazz Festival and The Crucible—an industrial arts education organization in Oakland, California. Coming to Earthjustice after an interim directorship to help build the state of Vermont’s early childhood program, she is passionate about leaving a healthy planet as a legacy to future generations.

When not working for social and environmental justice, Janice balances out her life as a glass artist and nature, dance and yoga enthusiast.