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Linda Rogers

Marketing Director

Linda Rogers is the Marketing Director. She is based in the Los Angeles location of the California regional office.

Prior to Earthjustice, Linda spent more than two decades managing global brands in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. She served as the Director of Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnerships for Heifer International, where she worked to diversify fundraising revenue and expand brand awareness and affinity with a younger audience. Linda also worked as the Director of Citizenship for the Walt Disney Company, where she had the task of embedding sustainability into the business and fostering a sense of purpose and volunteerism among employees. And before that, she worked on corporate brand strategy and sustainability communications for Coca-Cola and Minute Maid.

In her spare time, you can find Linda practicing yoga or traveling with her husband, Jeff. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys reading by the pool with her dogs, Guapo and Nzuri.