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Romy LaMarche

DEI Program Manager

Romy LaMarche is a DEI Program Manager at Earthjustice. She graduated from Golden Gate University in San Francisco with a degree in Management and Public Administration. Growing up on the island of Jamaica influenced her desire for environmental justice, as she believes in doing her part to conserve the environment just as she remembered it growing up on her island. After a number of years working in the Information Technology Department, Romy is now doing work within the DEI Program. Working with DEI has given her a renewed sense of purpose and the confidence required to use her voice. She has found passion in the work DEI is doing, particularly with an emphasis on equity while mastering our core values of Justice, Partnership, Excellence, and Inclusion.

Romy’s first job as a teen was as a file clerk at a New York City law firm and today she works for one of the largest environmentalist law firms in California where she can witness action taking place every day through litigations.