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Teju Adisa-Farrar

Regional Communications Strategist

Teju Adisa-Farrar is a Regional Communications Strategist based out of headquarters in San Francisco.

Having lived in 7 different countries, Teju has been involved in social advocacy and human rights domestically and abroad for over a decade working on issues spanning political, racial, and environmental justice. To date, Teju has done projects in Israel/Palestine, Denmark, Panama, the USA, Hungary, and several more on ecological identity, urban exclusion, inclusive activism, and alternative geographies. In 2018, Teju did a European summer tour spanning five countries and six cities carrying out projects, talks, and performances about resilient futures, art / culture as activism, and transnational solidarity. With a foundation in spatial equity, Teju spends her time on cultural critique, sustainable community development, urban-nature interrelationships, and speaking engagements. Her super power is connecting the dots between issues. Teju is passionate about mapping and documenting Black (read: alternative / resilient) futures.