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Victoria Bogdan Tejeda

Associate Attorney

Victoria Bogdan Tejeda joined the Northeast regional office of Earthjustice in 2018. Her work focuses on representing community and environmental groups against polluting industries.

Victoria is a 2017 graduate of U.C. Davis School of Law, where she served as editor-in-chief of Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal. During law school she clerked with Earthjustice’s California office and the U.S. Department of Justice. After graduation, she was a fellow at the Center for Biological Diversity, fighting the leasing of Western public lands for oil and gas development, assisting communities opposing fossil fuel infrastructure, and defending against the attempted rollback of federal environmental laws.

For nearly a decade before becoming a lawyer, Victoria wrote grants and consulted for environmental and social justice nonprofits. In recent years, she wrote a book about a small ship sailor-turned-environmentalist who found anchorage along the California Coast and co-founded a group, Nerds for Nature, focused on bringing together scientists, activists, and community members.

Personal Story

Growing up in West Virginia, I became attuned to the multi-generational environmental, health, and social justice impacts of the coal and gas industries. As a grant writer in California, I joined scientists and conservationists in the field and learned not only about their work, but about the stories contained within the natural world. These perspectives turned into a steadfast devotion to use my time and career to help achieve better outcomes for all life on earth. I became a lawyer so that I could advocate directly around these issues.