What’s All the Howling About?

Earthjustice launches the #JoinThePack social media campaign to sound the alarm about the threats to wolves.

Wolf party attendees howl for the camera as they prepare their #JoinThePack video to honor wolves.
Wolf party attendees howl for the camera as they prepare their #JoinThePack video to honor wolves. (Chris Jordan-Bloch/Earthjustice)

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It began with a howl. Actually, to be more accurate, it began with a brainstorming session about how we wanted to spread the message about threats to wolves in a non-traditional fashion. And then the meeting ended with everyone in the room spontaneously howling. It wasn’t on the agenda, but it felt so good!

Then, we thought, what if we just had people upload videos of themselves literally howling about attacks on wolves and the Endangered Species Act? What if it got bigger than that, with people calling on their friends to bring them into the movement and #JoinThePack? What if eventually people co-opted the howling for their own progressive causes, with the movement rooted in this cry about the political affront to the natural world, but the howls ringing out beyond a purely wildlife protection message to encompass our anger about other injustices? There is a lot to howl about, after all.   

Last week, this plan came to fruition with an inaugural “wolf party” held in San Francisco. Over 150 people turned out and the crowd uploaded dozens of videos on behalf of wolves that call on their friends to #JoinThePack. 

We’re looking for more people to get out the message that wolves and the Endangered Species Act are under heavy political fire. The more we create a chorus of howls against these attacks, the more unpopular it becomes for our politicians to strip these creatures of their protections and to further erode the conservation laws that protect not only critters, but the health of our rivers, oceans, and wild places.

You, too, can #JoinThePack by adding your own voice to the chorus of howls.

About this series

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the reintroduction of gray wolves to the northern Rockies, and since that time wolves have been under nearly constant threat of losing their protections. The Weekly Howl provides insights and education about the gray wolf and updates on the status of its protections while celebrating the iconic species as a vital part of a functioning, healthy ecosystem. Posts will appear every Wednesday starting June 17 and running through the summer.

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Maggie worked at Earthjustice from 2014–2021.