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In the News: WDET July 27, 2023

DTE to close Monroe coal plant by 2032

Shannon Fisk, Attorney, Clean Energy Program: “Every year earlier that a coal plant retires is saved lives, it’s better public health impact and it’s less climate pollution.”

DTE’s Monroe coal-fired power plant, Sept. 15, 2020. Retiring this massive polluter sooner will bring public health benefits and avoid millions of tons of CO2 emissions per year. (Ted Auch / FracTracker Alliance, 2020)
Press Release: Victory July 12, 2023

DTE, Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Others, File Settlement for Energy Plan

Settlement with Earthjustice hastens retirement of coal power in Michigan, mandates clean energy

document July 12, 2023

DTE Electric Company Approval of Its Integrated Resource Plan Settlement with Earthjustice

This settlement of litigation over DTE’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) puts Michigan on track to end the burning of coal for electric generation in less than a decade, a major milestone for climate progress in the state. Sierra Club was represented by Earthjustice.

Press Release: Victory November 22, 2022

Locals and Environmental Group Win a Seat in EES Coke Lawsuit

Court says advocates can intervene to hold Southeast Michigan polluter directly accountable

document November 22, 2022

EES Coke Ruling on Motion to Intervene

A district court ruled to allow an environmental group and community members to intervene in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) federal lawsuit against EES Coke.

Press Release September 7, 2022

Locals Team Up with Environmental Groups to Take on Polluting EES Coke Facility

SW Detroit residents and Sierra Club want the Zug Island emitter to restore and invest in clean air

Press Release May 4, 2022

Coal Plants Retiring with Millions of Dollars Flowing to Environmental Justice Communities

Agreement between Sierra Club and DTE Energy will provide $2.7 million for projects to improve communities in River Rouge, Ecorse, and Detroit

feature February 8, 2021

Meet the Community that Stopped an Environmental Power Grab by the Trump Administration

After decades of pollution, a community that faced unprecedented actions by the Trump DOJ claims victory for their health and environment.

In the News: Detroit News February 5, 2021

Biden's EPA ends appeal, cementing DTE Energy-Sierra Club settlement

Shannon Fisk, Managing Attorney, Coal Program, Earthjustice: "The ability of front-line communities to fully pursue the rights and protections promised by the federal Clean Air Act is critical to advancing environmental justice, and EPA’s decision enables us to now focus fully on ensuring that the agreement with DTE brings meaningful relief to the River Rouge,…

The River Rouge coal-fired power plant. Detroit Edison’s coal plants in Michigan have emitted hundreds to thousands of tons of additional harmful air pollutants every year.
(Photo courtesy of the State of Michigan)
case December 3, 2020

Taking on Detroit Edison’s Dirty Fossil Fuel Fleet

When the Clean Air Act was passed in 1970, the law allowed many existing coal plants, oil refineries and other facilities to continue running without having to install the best available pollution controls required for new facilities. The theory was that these aging facilities would shut down quickly in favor of new, modern plants. If…

Press Release: Victory December 3, 2020

Judge Rejects US Department of Justice Opposition to Millions in Investments for Vulnerable Communities in Southeast Michigan

Trump administration blocked from interfering in agreement that would provide funding for electric buses, environmental projects in communities burdened by decades of air pollution

document August 6, 2020

Sierra Club's Reply in Support of Motion to Enter Agreement Between Sierra Club and DTE

The U.S. wrongly argues that the Agreement must undergo judicial review even though neither DTE nor Sierra Club is asking the Court to enforce, or otherwise maintain jurisdiction over, the private contract reflected therein.

La fábrica River Rouge de la compañía automotriz Ford en Michigan, como se ve en esta imagen tomada en 2008, es una de las muchas instalaciones industriales que rodean la ciudad de River Rouge.
(Christian Burkert / Redux)
Article July 10, 2020

Líderes Ambientales De Michigan Luchan Por Mejorar La Calidad Del Aire En Su Comunidad

El Departamento de Justicia se opone a un acuerdo para proporcionar millones de dólares en beneficios de salud pública a las comunidades locales.

DTE River Rouge power plant in River Rouge, MI.
(Jodi Perras)
Press Release July 9, 2020

Trump Administration Objects to Millions in Investments for Vulnerable Communities in Southeast Michigan

Trump administration urges federal court to reject agreement that would provide funding for electric buses, environmental projects in communities burdened by decades of air pollution

document May 22, 2020

DTE: Agreement Motion and Memorandum

Pursuant to ¶ 121 of the proposed Consent Decree that was lodged with the Court on May 14, 2020, ECF No. 266-1, Sierra Club hereby submits for entry the Separate Agreement between it and Defendants DTE Energy Company and Detroit Edison Company (collectively “DTE”), which is attached as Exhibit 1. The Separate Agreement provides additional air quality and public health benefits to communities in Southeast Michigan that have been heavily impacted by pollution from DTE power plants and other industrial sources.

document May 22, 2020

DTE: Settlement Agreement

The provisions of this Agreement shall apply to and be binding upon the Sierra Club and upon Detroit Edison and their respective successors, assigns, or other entities or persons otherwise bound by law. This Agreement may be assigned by Detroit Edison to another entity in connection with the sale or transfer of the River Rouge, Trenton Channel, or St. Clair power plants, and Detroit Edison shall be relieved of its obligations hereunder with respect to River Rouge, Trenton Channel, or St. Clair power plants if any of those plants are sold, transferred, or assigned, on and after such sale, transfer, or assignment provided that the purchaser, transferee, or assignee executes an assignment agreement as a condition of the sale, tran sfer, or assignment and agrees in writing to be bound by and liable for all of Detroit Edison’s requirements in this Agreement being assumed. This Agreement is not assignable by the Sierra Club.