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document August 7, 2013

Fracking Wastewater Settlement

Press Release August 7, 2013

Groups Score Victory in Fracking Wastewater Fight

Tough court settlement sets the bar for fracking wastewater in PA

Article July 20, 2012

Friday Finds: The Risky Business of Fracking

Insurance agency says fracking too risky to cover.

document September 21, 2011

Handout: EPA Oil and Gas Rules Hearing

Article April 12, 2011

Lawmakers Probe Impacts of Gas Drilling Boom

In a hearing, today, lawmakers on Capitol Hill probed the health and environmental impacts of a gas drilling boom fueled by the controversial gas extraction technique known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking. Using this technique, companies blast millions of gallons of chemically treated water into the earth to force natural gas from underground deposits. In…

Press Release March 16, 2011

Gas Drilling Waste Pollution Permit Under Scrutiny

Bowing to industry pressure, state has bent the rules for wastewater treatment plant

Article March 11, 2011

PA Gov. to Energy Exec: You’re the Boss of Everyone

Fresh off his state’s radioactive river scandal, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has once again landed in hot water (no pun intended) over a line in his proposed budget which hands the energy executive he appointed to head the state’s economic development agency "supreme" decision-making power to fast-track gas drilling permits in the state. The man…

Article January 27, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To…

I don’t want to jinx anything, but we’re positively thrilled to see GASLAND—the truth-telling/irreverent film about toxic gas drilling—get an Oscar nod for best documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s readily available on DVD. And there are more and more community screenings being organized every week. Apparently industry’s…

Press Release April 23, 2010

State Offers "Separate Review" of Gas Drilling in New York City, Syracuse Watersheds

Grants special treatment for unfiltered municipal water supplies

The Monongahela River, flowing through Pittsburgh, PA.
(Photo courtesy of Michael Righi)
case: Victory November 10, 2009

Protecting Pennsylvania Waters From Fracking

Pennsylvania is awash in new fracking operations, which generate huge amounts of toxic wastewater. When drillers were told that they could not send their waste to sewage treatment plants, the state faced a slew of new applications for industrial wastewater treatment plants. Some of the early proposals would have allowed inadequately treated wastewater from fracking…

document November 3, 2009

Amended Appeal to Shallenberger Treatment Plant

This is a legal challenge to a backroom deal that would allow a new wastewater treatment plant to dump 500,000 gallons of water polluted by gas drilling chemicals into the Monongahela River each day.

Press Release November 3, 2009

Backroom Marcellus Drilling Pollution Deal Under Scrutiny

Groups ask Pennsylvania to take a closer look at fast-tracked wastewater treatment plant